B.I.G. Kids (Believing In God)

KNOW Jesus as their loving, Forever Friend,
LIVE lives devoted to Christ, and
SHARE their faith with others.

B.I.G. Love

Nursery program for infants up to 3 years.
Teachers interact with youngsters, sharing the name of Jesus in loving moments. Little ones will know that they are Christ’s gifts to parents and the church alike. Your child will be in the hands of those with a heart for little ones.

B.I.G. Wonder

This class is for children pre-school through second grade.
It is all about putting the “pieces of the Bible” together through dramatic stories to help answer all the questions that kids this age WONDER. It is a high-energy time that captures the imagination of the children and opens their eyes and hearts to Bible truths that will impact their lives in incredible ways. Here they will learn that Jesus wants a relationship with each one of them. They get to move about as they praise and worship through song and develop relationships during small group time.

B.I.G. Truth

For students third through fifth grades.
Children in second through fourth grades learn more & more why Jesus loves each one of us. In class, they are taught tools to learn to find Bible. They can point out truth and reasons for faith. They will be learning more about worship, prayer, and the books of the Bible through energetic lessons and singing.